Garvey School District

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Superintendent: Anita Chu
Administrative Assistant: Diana Sinz
Confidential Secretary: Maria De La Cruz
  • Child Development, Director:  Dr. Sandra Gonzalez
Supervisor, Education Service: Becky Lam
Assistant Supervisor, Health/Disabilities: Debbie Rivas
Assistant Supervisor, Parent Involvement: Martha Pinedo
Bookkeeper: Mei Crawford
  • Education Technology, Director I: David Jung
Student Support Services, Director II: Rene Hernandez
Administrative Secretary: Vickie Walker
  • Special Education, Director: Alma Guerrero
  • Special Education, Program Specialist: Dawn Berlin
Learning Support Services, Assistant Superintendent: Carol Mehochko
Administrative Secretary: Sally Foster
  • Instructional Services, Coordinator: Dr. Sergei Orloff
  • Testing, Evaluation and Information Services, Director I: Rosa Marquez

Human Resources Services, Assistant Superintendent: Genaro Alarcon
Administrative Assistant: Amy Woo
Credential Analyst: Blanca Ramos

Business Services, Interim Chief Business Officer: Grace Garner
Administrative Assistant: Liliane Awadalla
  • Fiscal Services, Director: Marisela Barba
    Accountant: Lily Ying
  • Auxiliary Support Services, Director: Richard Marchini
  • Maintenance, Director: Keving Hobby
  • Assistant Supervisor: Ed Marquez
Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) Annual Notice 2016-17.
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