Parent Involvement


Parent participation is essential in the shared decision making partnership required by program guidelines.  Head Start parents, staff, Garvey School District administration and community members establish goals, procedures, and activities to achieve a cooperative and successful team approach and program management.

Parents can participate by volunteering in the Head Start/State Preschool classrooms.  Parents that volunteer in the classroom learn to work with young children based on an age appropriate curriculum.  Classroom volunteers also assist in the development of curriculum activities.  This is an excellent way to observe techniques of positive guidance and to learn new ways to involve your child in appropriate play and language experiences at home.

Parents can also participate and join the Policy Committee Team.  By joining the Policy Committee, parents have basic understanding of the program operations, program policies and procedures, Head Start Performance Standard and State regulations.

All volunteer hours are documented, collected, and reported as in-kind contribution (non-federal share) to the Head Start/State Preschool program.  Part of the Head Start/State Preschool contract requirements, the program is required to collect at least twenty-five percent (25%) of in-kind contribution. 

 NOTE: Head Start/State Preschool classroom volunteers MUST have their TB (Tuberculosis) clearance before starting.  If you are interested in volunteering, you may speak with your child's Head Start/State Preschool Teacher, Family Service Worker, Assistant Supervisor of Family/Parent Engagement Service, or Contact Us.

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