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Dual Language Plus Program




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Help your child achieve bilingualism and bi-literacy in English AND Chinese/Spanish. Boost their chance for success in their academics and career, and instill greater cultural appreciation.


 The Problem:

  • To lead effectively in a global society, 21st Century leaders need to have proficiency in multiple languages.  
  • There are few opportunities for students to learn two languages during classroom instructional time, plus a third language in an after school program.
  • Research indicates that it is easier for young children to learn a second language than when they are older.


 Why the Dual Language Plus Program?

Kindergarten students in the dual language plus program may develop bilingualism/bi-literacy in English and Chinese, or English and Spanish through continuous study between kindergarten and high school. In addition, students have a higher chance of excelling in all subject areas, exceeding State and District standards, and have a greater appreciation and positive attitude towards their own ethnic and world cultures.


 About the Chinese and English Dual Language+ Program:

Chinese-English Dual Language Plus

-- The Chinese & English+ Program follows a 50:50 model, enhanced with an additional 10% for a third language experience, Spanish, offered after school.

-- The 50:50 model is selected because Chinese uses a non-alphabetic system so the language transfer takes longer. 

-- Therefore, there is an equal emphasis on both languages and the amount of time spent for each language is 50 percent in all grade levels.



Spanish-English Dual Language Plus

About the Spanish and English Dual Language+ Program:

-- The Spanish & English+ Program follows a 90:10 model, enhanced with an additional 10% for a third language experience, Chinese, offered after school.

-- The 90:10 model is used because Spanish and English share a similar alphabetic system; therefore, there is a more immediate transfer of instruction between languages.

-- The percent (%) of time spent for instruction in Spanish and English varies across grade levels. In Kindergarten, 90% of time is spent for instruction in Spanish and 10% in English. The amount of time in Spanish decreases annually by 10 percent until a 50:50 balance is achieved in 4th grade.



Eligibilty Requirements:
  • The child must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2019 (entering Kindergarten)
  • The child may already speak any language at home, including English, Chinese and/or Spanish.
  • The child must make persistent efforts to meet program requirements.
  • Parents understand the program design, align their expectations to the progressive outcomes, and commit to the entire duration of the program to gain the maximum benefits.
  • Parents serve as partners in promoting the program goals by attending parent meetings/training, volunteering in the classroom, and providing support to children at home.  
  • Parents must also be able to commit to the six (6) areas listed below: 

The Dual Language+ Program is a challenging and rigorous program. Parent support and commitment to the program is of critical importance to the success of your child in the program. Please indicate your commitment in the following areas:


1. Attend a Parent Orientation Meeting a week before the start of the new school year.

2. Positively support and encourage your child in the acquisition of the target language.

3. Positively support the teachers.

4. Sign up to be a volunteer for the program as your schedule permits.

5. Commit to attending all Dual Language parent workshops.

6. Commit to the entire duration of the program. It takes at least 5 years to 7 years to develop intermediate fluency in academics in a target language. (Inform the school if the child has to withdraw from the program due to unforeseen circumstances).


Participating Schools:


Dewey School

Spanish Dual Language Plus Program

Grade: Kindergarten

Languages: Spanish: 90%, English: 10%, Chinese: 10%

Address: 525 E. Dewey Ave., San Gabriel, CA 91776

Dewey Elementary School



Duff Language Magnet Academy

Chinese Dual Language Plus Program

Grade: Kindergarten

Languages: Chinese: 50%, English: 50%, Spanish: 10%

Address: 7830 Dorothy Ave., Rosemead, CA 91770

Duff Elementary School

Hillcrest School

Chinese Dual Language Plus Program

Grade: Kindergarten

Languages: Chinese: 50%, English: 50%, Spanish: 10%

Address: 795 Pepper Street, Monterey Park, CA 91755

Hillcrest Elementary School






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