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Programs » 1:1 Laptop Program

1:1 Laptop Program

One-to-One Student to Computer Program

Welcome to the One-to-One Student Computer Program information page.

We will post updated information to support our students, families and teachers with successful implementation ideas for the 1:1 program.
We are excited to take this journey with you!
Insurance Agreement:
Letter to parents
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Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra
User Assistance and Tech Support - Procedures
Procedure of requesting tech support/user assistance

Student shall ...
1. Complete the 1:1 Laptop Program Tech Support/User Assistance request - Report slip, or preferably, submit service on line: 1:1 Laptop Program Tech Support /User Assistance Request (on-line).

2. Submit the laptop and its charger (including adapter) to the front office

School shall ...
1. If needed, assist student in submitting the request on line: 1 Laptop Program Tech Support /User Assistance Request (on-line). (Do NOT use MyTechDesk!!!)

ETO shall ...
1. Examine and repair the laptop and return to the school.
2. If determined partial or total replacement of the unit is needed and the student has purchased insurance claim, ETO will contact parent(s) for a replacement. Those student show do not buy insurance will be requested to pay the repair before a replacement is made available to them.

Business Support Services shall ...
1. Handle the insurance claim, collect the deductible, if any, from the student.
2. Pay the cost of outside service.

Procedure of reporting loss/theft of a laptop

Student (or parent) shall ...
1. File report with the police if loss/theft occurs off campus.
2. If the incidence takes place on campus, report to the school ASAP and complete the 1:1 Laptop Program Tech Support /User Assistance Request (on-line).

School shall ...
1. If deemed appropriate, file police report.if loss/theft occurs on campus and forward the Police File number to ETO.

ETO shall ...
1. Create theft report on Absolute Customer Center to begin tracking of the lost/stolen unit
2. Keep schools/students updated

Procedure of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Student shall ...
1. Ensure that the BYOD has anti-virus software installed on it; PC user may download Microsoft Security Essential, which free of charge for individual computer users from
2. Be responsible for its maintenance and safety.

ETO shall ...
1. Have the authority to enforce the installation of appropriate anti-virus software on any BYOD before it may be placed in the District's network.
2. If needed, help download/install eTextbooks onto the student's computer.