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Registration/Enrollment » On-line Enrollment - NEW Students

On-line Enrollment - NEW Students

New Student Enrollment Procedure
STEP 1 On-line Enrollment (If register for continuing students, Parent Portal)
Click Here to access the Garvey School District's on-line NEW student enrollment site, or if the parent chooses, type in the address field of any web browser.
The Garvey School District's AIR Welcome page will display.

To begin the process, click the Enroll a New Student button, The Year Selection will display. Select the year to register for and then click Next.

The Required Information screen will display. The parent can print out this screen for Required Information details. After reviewing the information, click Next.

The next screen will allow the parent to create a new account and will require the parent's name, an e-mail address and password. After the Create Account button is selected, a Terms of Service screen will display.

Having read the terms, parents must check the "I agree" box and click the Next button to continue.

The Student's Name and Address information will now be required. After the information has been completed, click Next.

A drop down list will display with the closest address or street name that may be located in the District's map file. (Those parents/students living outside of the District but are interested in attending the schools of Garvey School District are encouraged to contact the schools directly.)

After clicking Next, the Account Created screen will display and an e-mail is being sent to the e-mail address parents. The parent should check his/her e-mails and identify that e-mail, which will include a link for the parent to click on for Account Authorization. That will display the New account e-mail verification. Click Next to continue the registration process.

On the right side of the screen a Completed bar will display indicating how far along the parent is with the registration. The Finish later button may be used to save the student information. If chosen, the Parent may then sign back in at a later time with their e-mail address and password. It will display any student(s) that has (have) registration(s) pending. The Resume Registration button may be selected and the registration can be completed.

The following screens will display in order and the parent may click Next or Previous to move between them. The parent may not move to next screen if information is not provided in some required fields: General Student Information, Language Information, Resident Parent Information, Out of State Contact Information (Optional), Restrained Individual, Local Physician Information, Emergency Contacts, Health Survey, Immunization Information, Other District Enrollments, and Authorizations.

After all information has been entered, the Registration Confirmation screen will display. The registration information including student's name, Grade, etc. may only be changed by the school. Any information that shows an Edit button may be edited before the parent clicks the Finish and Submit button.

An e-mail will then be sent to the school to notify that a new student registration is ready to be reviewed. The Print button will print out a copy of the registration for the parent.

STEP 2 Enrollment Verification
To complete the enrollment of a new student in any school of Garvey School District, parents must make an appointment with the school and take the following documents to the school for the latter to review:

Birth Verification / Acta de nacimiento
Proof of Residence (gas, electric or water bill) / Comprobante de residencia (recibo de gas, luz, agua)
Immunization records / Prueba de vacunas

In addition,

Oral Assessment (dental check up form for kindergarten and 1st Grade) / Evaluacion dental
Physical exam (not required for kindergarten but only for 1st) / Resultados de examen fisico (no es un reguisito para kinder)
Tdap (7th Grade)

STEP 3 Student Information Confirmation
Once the newly enrolled student's information is imported to Garvey School District's student information system, parents will be receiving a VPC code for them to create an Aeries Parent Portal account. That account will allow parents to confirm the student information, to register the student in subsequent years, and to access the student's attendance information, grades as well as report cards (under development).

Please click the link below to find more information about creating an Aeries Parent Portal account: Creating New Accounts on GSD Parent Portal. Or click here to begin the process of creating an Aeries Parent Portal account.

To confirm the student information, click here. Should you need more information about student information confirmation, navigate to On-line registration - All Students.

Part of the information confirmation process is for parents to review the following documents. Parent may download and save/print out those documents for reference. Click here to navigate to the documents download site:
  • Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement
  • Discipline Handbook
  • Annual Notification for Parents/Guardians
  • Overcrowding and Student Reassignment