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Garvey School District Inter/Intra Transfer Requests or "Permits" are available at the Garvey School District Office/Student Support Services Department or at this web page. Please see below frequently asked questions related to the procedure permits:
1. Who approves a Pupil Transfer Request?
     All permits require District approval by SSS Director
2. Once approved how long is my permit valid?
Permits are valid for only one calendar school year and must be renewed annually
3. What school should a student attend while waiting for a permit to be processed?
All permits are processed on a first come first served basis. Students must enroll/remain in their resident school until there is a District Approved Permit. (This does not apply to students who are misplaced due to over-crowding. Once and only when arrangements have been made between schools, you may attend that school while awaiting to have your permit approved.)
4. Once approved can a permit be cancelled or revoked?
A permit may be revoked at any time if the conditions of the permit are not followed (see Pupil Transfer Request application under conditions.) The Principal must submit a request to the SSS Director with rationale for revoking a permit or denial of a permit.
5. What types of permits do we offer?
    a. What is an Intra-District Permit?
Transfer from one GSD School to another GSD school. Require District approval.
    b. What is an Inter-District Acceptance Permit?
Acceptance into a GSD School when the student belongs to a District other than the GSD. Requires District approved release from the resident School District to begin. Completion of a GSD Transfer Request is also required and must be approved by the SSS Director.
    c. What is an Inter-District Release Permit?
Release from a GSD school to attend another school District. Requires District Approval.
The policy of the Garvey School District is that each student attends his/her school of residence unless there are compelling circumstances that necessitate a change to another school. We trust this information is helpful to you.
Please, carefully read the second page of the permit. Documentation will be required. Thank you.
Submit a copy of your permit to Ana Rincon, Office Assistant, at:
Any questions or concerns, please call (626) 307-3427 ext. 2256