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Garvey School District Welcomes New and Continuing Students!!!

Registering a CONTINUING student or enrolling a NEW student used to be a very similar process. Parents are required to register students annually.

When registering a continuing student, parents will need to provide or update pertinent information about the student. A registration packet, which typically includes the following forms and documents, is sent home and must be completed by parents and returned to the school in the first month after the school reopened in fall::
  • Emergency Card
  • Cumulative Record Information
  • Pupil Health Inventory
  • Field Trip Permission
  • Parent Education Level
  • Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement
  • Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement (downloadable)
  • Discipline Handbook (downloadable)
  • Annual Notification for Parents/Guardians (downloadable)
  • Overcrowding and Student Reassignment (downloadable)
  • Health Examination and Oral Health Assessment for Kindergarten and 1st Grade (downloadable)

The following two forms are also included in the registration packet for new students.
  • Home Language Survey
  • Migrant Education Questionnaire

Parents of NEW students must allow the school to verify the the three kinds of documents listed below before the students are enrolled in the schools in Garvey School District:
  • Utility Bill, Rental Agreement, or a Permit
  • Birth Certificate and the equivalent or Passport
  • Immunization Record - up to date

On-Line Registration/Enrollment
Starting the 2019-20 School Year, parents are encouraged to register Continuing students on line. The on-line registration only requires parents to verify/confirm and update the information of CONTINUING students and takes significantly less time.

In the year follows, parents may enroll NEW students on-line. They may input the student's information on-line themselves first; then make an appointment with the school and allow the school to verify the above-mentioned three documents required for NEW student enrollment. Once enrollment is completed, parents shall follow the same on-line registration for continuing students, to verify the selected student data.

Click the appropriate link below to begin the on-line registration/enrollment.

Registering CONTINUING Students 

Enrolling NEW Students 

AGAIN, be reminded that parents of NEW students will have to visit school and provide the three above-mentioned documents required by the school to complete the NEW students enrollment.

Below is the list of documents that may be downloaded and viewed or printed out.
Also available are the blank forms for Oral Health Assessment and Health Examination that parents of the kindergarten and 1st grade students will have to submit to schools.

Document Container
Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement
Discipline Handbook
Health Examination
Oral Health Assessment
Annual Notification