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Technology for Everyone

AeriesNet (Wednesday, 10/26/2011 & Friday, 10/28/2011)

The AeriesNet is an application accessed through a web browser that can be utilized to
update or display school data in an Aeries database

-View-only users are encouraged to apply their web-surfing experience to EXPLORE AeriesNet
-Other users should ALWAYS take caution when changing data in AeriesNet.

Agenda: Aeries as an information search tool
  • Search (Magnifying lens): typically, for individual student's data
  • Reports (Categorical reports vs. ALL reports): i.e., readily made query results
  • may be exported as PDF or. XLS files
  • Query (Single-table query vs. Multiple-table query): customized reports

  • Introduction to
  • Query on

Google Calendar (Wednesday, 11/2/2011 & Thursay, 11/3/2011)

Like many calendar software applications, Google Calendar definitely increases a user's productivity. It may be conveniently sync on his/her smart phone. A step to the unified communication, which integrate computing devices, cellular phones and land lines.

Agenda: Google Calendar as a communication tool
  • Google Calendar Basics
  • Share Google Calendar
  • Communicate using Google Calendar

DropBox (optionally, vs. Google Docs (Wednesday, 11/16/2011 & Thursday, 11/17/2011)

(1) Use DropBox strictly for cloud computing. When on click the "Log in" at the right top corner. Once logging in, you should see all the folders/files created by or shared with. You may view/share/manage files as you choose. You may download AND upload just like Google Docs. You do NOT need to download any software; you just need a web browser -- any web browser.

(2) Use DropBox as a virtual drive/disk. Then you will have to download the Dropbox software. With the software installed, you may download/upload files as if the "cloud" storage is part of you own computer. As such, whatever applies to a local hard drive will also apply to the "virtual" drive/disk. For instance, if you move a file/folder from C: drive to the desktop, you move the file/folder out of it. the same is true to the Dropbox.

(3) For anybody new to Dropbox, he/she is advised to click "Log in"  mentioned in (1), then click "Create an account."  GSD staff is recommended they use the district-issued e-mail address as the User ID; and they may choose the password.
(4) To install the Dropbox software, the user may do it all by her/himself (i.e., no need of a PC admin account). Simply click the "Download Dropbox" button on the home page of Dropbox, and follow the instruction. At some point, the user might be prompted with the need of an admin account, just click "Cancel". Then there is a message stating NOT all features will be installed. Just OK it. Choose that you ALREADY have an account and, as recommended, the free 2GB for storage.

Google Documents in Classroom and Administrative Office (Wednesday, 11/30/2011 & Thursday, 12/1/2011)
  • Google Documents: On-demand office productivity tool allowing real-time collaboration
  • Google Documents: Document, Spreadsheet,. Presentation, (Form, Drawing)
  • Google Form: A data collection tool using spreadsheet as its engine

SharpSchool Web Authoring I: (Wednesday, 12/7/2011 & Thursday, 12/8/2011)
  • Overview
  • Hyperlink Manager
  • Document Manager
  • Image Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Flash Manager

SharpSchool Web Authoring II: (Wednesday, 12/14/2011 & Thursday, 12/15/2011)
  • Calendar: accessible by the public vs. selected viewers
  • Recent News