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Online Registration (for Continuing Students)

Welcome to Online Registration (for Continuing Students)

By MARCH 2021, online enrollment will be available for the 2021-2022 school year.

Please stay tuned. 


* Special Instructions: Dual Language+ Program Applicants (Dewey, Duff or Hillcrest)

Please DO NOT complete online enrollment until you receive notification on the status of your Dual Language+ Program application in the mail (by March 19, 2021). When you receive the program acceptance notification, you will also receive special instructions on how to complete online enrollment for the Dual Language+ Program.

Note: Improper online enrollment may delay the acceptance of your child to the program. Regardless of the outcome of your Dual Language+ Program application, please be assured that there will always be space availability for your child in the regular program at Garvey School District. 



2020-2021 Online Registration Information

All continuing students are required to register online every school year. Online registration is essentially a process of student information confirmation. Parents review the student information/data on the school’s records and change/update it as necessary. 

Continuing Student Registration Procedure

  • To register a student, Click Here or type in in the address field of any web browser. The Garvey School District Parent Portal log-in page will display.

  • At log-in, you may select the language of your choice.

  • Log in using the Parent Portal account. Remember that the user name is the e-mail address you used to create the account. If you do not remember the password, you may click the link of Forgot Your Password to reset it.

  • If you have not yet registered for the student on line, you will see a message in yellow text against a blue bar across the screen: "You have not yet completed the Student Data Confirmation Process. Click Here to confirm the information about your student."

  • You will be directed to confirm selected information of the student. Click the CHANGE button (scroll down if the button is invisible) to start editing/updating the data. Parents must click SAVE to keep the changes. You will not see the change made on the mailing address saved right away; instead, the school will contact you afterwards to confirm the change.

  • Below is the information that parents need to review, update/edit (as necessary), and confirm. 

1. Student

Review and update mailing address and primary phone number as necessary. Add Father’s or mother’s work number if available. Update Parent Highest Education Level.

2. Contacts

Next click Contacts to confirm the emergency phone numbers and select the Change button. You may add additional contacts by clicking the Add button. 

3. Medical History

In the Medical History section, check all the medical conditions that apply to the student and include appropriate comments; then click Save. (Should the student have any other medical condition and/or require timely attention by the school, you should contact the school immediately.)

4. Documents Review

Parents will need to review and/or accept documents listed under the Documents tab. Parent may download and save/print out those documents for reference.

5. Authorizations Listed under Authorizations are parent's permissions (or prohibition) for students to participate in each of the programs. Parent's explicit consent is required to:

    • Allow Student to Take Educational Field Trips (Field Trip Permission)

    • Allow Student Photos/Videos on Printed Matter/Website (Waiver, Release)

    • Allow Student to Receive Emergency Treatment (In case of serious accident/illness - Emergency Card)

6. Final Data Confirmation  To conclude the registration, click Final Data Confirmation and confirm the data you have reviewed or updated is accurate.
Required documents for specific grade levels: