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Anita Chu, Superintendent




Welcome Back Students and Families


Anita Chu, Superintendent

April 12th was a Happy Day!


Staff standing at the school entrances greeting families and children as they returned to campus after a year of school closures; health team conducting temperature and symptoms screening; kindergartners stepping onto campus for the first time and exploring a new yet familiar world; food services staff serving Grab & Go meals in outdoor canopy stations; teachers using hybrid technology skillfully to connect “Zoomers” (in-person learners) and “Roomers” (distance learners) and engage them in high quality learning; support staff providing physical and social-emotional wellness activities; most excitingly, children reconnecting with friends and teachers, talking, playing, laughing, and having FUN!


Garvey has reopened for all grades after a long year of school closures!


Safety Protocols & Routines

The most critical factor to ensure a happy reopening is to provide a safe environment in which proper safety protocols are established and implemented consistently. To this end, teachers and support staff devote time, particularly during the first reopening week, to teaching and modeling health and safety practices, including physical distancing, handwashing, proper face masking, and social distancing games. Throughout the school day, support staff implement the new safety routines, including frequent cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas and items between uses. Health and safety for all is happy reopening. 


Hybrid Learning

With all classrooms equipped with hybrid technology, teachers have developed new sets of skills to use technology to design and facilitate rigorous learning experiences for both “Roomers” and “Zoomers” simultaneously. “Roomers” and “Zoomers” are engaged in social interaction as well as academic dialogue as one community of happy learners.


Physical, Mental & Social-Emotional Wellness

Promoting the physical, mental and social-emotional well-being of all students is a significant focus of the District’s reopening efforts. Support staff from Woodcraft Rangers provide physical and social-emotional activities such as social distancing games. Additionally, District counselors continue to provide weekly lessons to help students build social-emotional skills to thrive in these trying times. Targeted support and integrated services are offered to high-need students including both “Roomers” and “Zoomers.” Happy reopening is nurturing the whole child.


Outdoor Opportunities

Students spending more time in outdoor areas is a unique and exciting new norm of school reopening. Canopies, outdoor tables and benches, solar shade structures, and grass areas are used to create outdoor spaces for learning, meal serving, and integrated services. Students and staff have opportunities to appreciate a closer connection with nature.


Commitment to Serving All Students and Families!

A happy reopening can become reality only as a result of the commitment of a highly dedicated staff and the support from parents. These unsung heroes, serving in different roles, have worked tirelessly, made tremendous sacrifices, and risen to the challenge to ensure a safe and happy reopening for all students and staff.


Garvey remains fully committed to providing quality services for all students (“Roomers” and “Zoomers”) and families during school reopening, with an unwavering goal of developing future-ready leaders to lead in both prosperous and challenging times.   


Please visit our schools’ and the District’s websites at to learn more about our programs and services in supporting our students and community.