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Aeries Student Information System (Aeries SIS)
Garvey School District selected Aeries, by Eagle Software, late 2009 to replace SASIxp, as its new student information system (SIS).

Only a handful of users here at the district access student data via AeriesCS, which requires the installation and configuration of Microsoft Access-based proprietary client software on the user's workstation. The majority of new SIS users are able to access student data from any up-to-date web browser through AeriesNet, a web-based version of Aeries. Yes, AeriesNet works on Apple computers too.

The difference between AeriesCS and AeriesNet may take the analogy from that between the client-based e-mail, which must have some client software installed and configured, and the web-mail, which relies on only an web browser. Indeed, AeriesCS and differ mostly in how users navigate through the data. AeriesCS users may easily transfer their knowledge to

The trend is for the developer to provide the web-based SIS. The general SIS users may benefit from the ease-in-use and flexible access that AeriesNet promises. Indeed, AeriesNet has been growing rapidly ever since it was introduced by Eagle Software a couple of years ago. However, at least for the time being, AeriesCS is required for Attendance Scanning and CALPADS; it is also recommended to the heavy SIS users.

It is strategically sound, in view of the existence of the relatively old hardware/software as well as limited tech support resource, to deploy AeriesNet among most of the SIS users while two workstations in the front office at each elementary school. At intermediate schools, AeriesCS is installed on the workstations of the administrators and their assistants who are responsible for Master Scheduling, Attendance, and probably grade reporting. Eventually, AeriesNet is expected to be used by ALL users with AeriesCS as an alternative as needed.

For teachers, a web-accessible version of Aeries, dubbed Aeries Browser Interface or ABI, is provided by Eagle Software and allows teachers to access student data and take attendance, maintain a grade book, and post grades on-line. Teachers may get more information about ABI on ABI for Teachers page.

Creation/Maintenance of User Accounts
  • AeriesCS/Net accounts: ETO creates accounts for ALL administrative staff, who needs to access GSD student data.
  • ABI accounts: ETO creates accounts for all teachers who have students enrolled in their classes..

  • General procedure: School follows the guideline set by TEIS in enrolling students and input/update in Aeries at on-going basis.
  • Kindergarten: Schools must complete the kindergarten enrollment and inputting and updating the required enrollment data in Aeries before annual rollover.

Attendance Accounting
  • Front Office/Attendance Office should create/print out Attendance Class Rosters on plain paper and distribute to teachers in the beginning of each attendance cycle. These rosters might be handy when teachers cannot take attendance on-line or for sub teachers.
  • Teachers log on AeriesNet and take attendance on-line daily.
  • Sub teachers may get a temporary AeriesNet accounts to take attendance on-line.
  • Attendance data is uploaded to Global Connect (GC) at 10:00 a.m. (elementary schools) or 11:30 a.m. (intermediate schools) for GC, if set up by the school, to make attendance verification calls automatically.

GradeBook and Grade Reporting
  • Teachers may use the built-in grade book in Aeries to determine the student grades for report cards.
  • Intermediate school teachers have options to input/update grades on-line or using scanner.

Master Scheduling (intermediate schools only): To be productive, intermediate schools should use the Scheduling Cycle of Aeries to schedule students into classes. Before schools close for summer, schools should have a preliminary master schedule (MS) created and saved in Aeries. With new CST data available in August, schools should revisit MS before schools resume and revise/update it as needed. Below is the recommended MS process and completion dates.
  1. ETO imports, whenever available, most recent CST language arts (LA) and math performance level & correct percentage in user fields 9, 10, 11, and 12 of STU table. (February or earlier)
  2. ETO sets up schools options (Scheduling Cycle A).(March)
  3. ETO updates course data and ensure the availability of the needed courses in Aeries. (April)
  4. ETO imports prospective 7th grade students from the feeder schools to the two intermediate schools in Aeries. (April)
  5. Intermediate schools plan the courses and sections needed based on the student achievement data (and teacher input, etc.) (April)
  6. Intermediate schools determine a tentative master schedule in terms of (a) the number of sections, and if feasible, (b) which period a section will be in and (c) who the instructor is for each section. (April)
  7. Intermediate schools update teacher data in Teacher Data of Aeries (May)
  8. Intermediate schools mass-input (Scheduling Cycle D) and/or individually add (Scheduling Cycle E) student course requests in Aeries. (May)
  9. Intermediate schools update sections (classes offered) in Scheduling Master Schedule (Scheduling Cycle M). (May)
  10. Intermediate schools tentatively schedule ALL students into classes (Scheduling Cycle Q).before before closing for summer. (Early June)
  11. ETO, assisted by TEIS, updates CST LA and math data in STU table. (Early/mid August)
  12. Intermediate schools repeat 7, 8, and 9 based on the updated data including new CST results , then 10 to reschedule ALL students, or if appropriate, schedule individual students (Scheduling Cycle E) into classes.(Mid/late August)
  13. Intermediate schools copy MS results (SMS tables) to STU/MST Table (Scheduling cycle 4). (Late August)
Annual Rollovers
  • Aeries SIS requires annual rollover. It typically takes a day when the user access must be suspended. The rollover requires TEIS, as an prerequisite, to conduct the data integrity check. It is recommended that the rollover be done in coincidence with the onset of the new school year.