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Child Welfare & Attendance » Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures


A. Proof of Residence

Enrollees must live within the boundaries of the Garvey School District and attend their school of residence as determined by their address.  Proof of residence is required and may include utility bills or any legal document showing the current address. If documents are not available, a ‘Declaration of Residency’ (Form B see next page) and a copy of a utility bill from the family providing residency will be accepted; it does not have to be notarized. If someone other than the parent is enrolling the child, please contact Pupil Services. Students living outside the school area may be granted a permit based on Board approved reasons. Students must enroll in their school of residence until a permit is approved.  [BP 5111(a)].

B. Proof of Birth

Students enrolling in school for the first time MUST show proof  of age.  Documents, in the order of preference are:
  1. Birth certificate  
  2. Baptismal record
  3. Passport
  4. Immigration certificate 
  5. Bible record
  6. School transfer
If documentation cannot be obtained, the District will accept a sworn statement from the parent/guardian. The sworn statement should include the name, age, and birthdate, birthplace of the student, the name(s) of his/her parents and the basis of such knowledge. (Health and Safety Code 10520)

Students must be enrolled by the name stated on the legal document being used for enrollment.  Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age on or before December 2 (of the year they are enrolling).


Under the California Child Health and Disability Prevention Law (CHDP), all children entering first grade must have received a health screening examination within 18 months prior to entry into first grade. Documentation of this examination is required before the student will be placed in a class.

Parents must provide documentation that all required immunizations are current. One of the following may be used as proof:
  1. California Immunization Record (Yellow Card)
  2. Other personal immunization records
  3. School records (out-of-state or local)
Immunizations required for school entry are attached.


A. Enrollment Card

Please PRINT clearly with a ball-point pen and sign.  ONLY PERSONS LISTED ON THIS   CARD MAY REMOVE A CHILD FROM SCHOOL. The telephone numbers and addresses listed MUST be current at all times during the year. If your child is on a permit and this information is not updated, the permit may be revoked.


Be sure to complete both sides of the card.  ONLY PERSONS LISTED ON THIS CARD MAY TAKE A CHILD FROM SCHOOL.

B. Cumulative Record Sheet

This sheet is a confidential record about the child’s family which must be placed in the student’s *** file. This sheet will also inform parents of their rights and responsibilities. Access to *** records is restricted to school personnel only.  Parents may review records by appointment only with the school Principal, if the pupil is still enrolled.  If the student has left the district, the process is through the District Pupil Personnel Office.

D. Study Trip Permission

This form gives the school permission to take the child on a school-sponsored field trip during the   year.  Parents will be notified when the class will go on a study trip during the school year.  Form must be signed and returned.
E. Home Language Survey (New enrollees to District only)

This information is essential in order for schools to provide meaningful instruction for all students.  All four questions must be answered.  The form must be signed and returned.

F. Food Service Application

Breakfast and lunch are served every day by the Department of Food Services of the Garvey School  District .

The meal application for breakfast and lunch is available at all school sites.  The application must be completed.  Upon review of the application, those eligible according to the eligibility scale, will be issued free or reduced price meals.