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Child Welfare & Attendance » Compulsory Attendance

Compulsory Attendance

California Law (Education Code 48200) requires COMPULSORY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE for all children between the ages of 6 and 18.  What this means is that parents must make sure that their child attends school  each and every day for the full length of the school day, unless there is an approved reason for the child to be absent.  If a child is going to be absent, we request that a parent notify the school at the beginning of the absence and arrange for schoolwork to be picked up at the school office.

1.   Illness, Medical Appointment
2. Justified Personal Absence (must be approved by the school prior to absence):
  • Child is ordered to appear in court.
  • Religious holiday.
  • To attend the funeral of a close relative.
  • Exclusion, for up to five (5) school days, for failure to present evidence of immunization.

3. Independent Study (must be approved before absence). Absences for an extended time for reasons other than illness.
4. Exclusion from school due to contagious disease (school will notify parent/guardian).
5. Suspension from school due to misbehavior.

1. Unexcused Absence (absence that is authorized by the parent or guardian, but is not   approved by the school).  For example:
  • Baby-sitting.
  • Parent is ill or busy and cannot transport the child to school.
  • Cold or rainy days.
  • Vacation.
2. Truancy (absence which is not authorized by the parent/guardian nor by the school).

Following an absence, a child may bring to school a complete form, obtainable at the school   office, or a personal note from the parent stating the reason for the absence. In either case, the   following information is essential.
  1. Date of note
  2. Student’s name
  3. Date(s) of absence (s)
  4. Reason for absence(s)
  5. Parent’s signature
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact your school office or Garvey School District, Pupil Services Department and ask for Mr. Bulmaro A. Magallón SARB #4A Chairperson or Mrs. Cindy Phan-Hy SARB #4A Secretary.